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We service the real estate community in many ways. Since 1995, our goal has been to bring the New York City real estate community a comprehensive real-time source of building and listing information. Today, our database is the largest independent source of information shared by the New York City real estate community, which spans from Brokers to Landlords, Developers, Property Managers and Appraisers.

Today we serve hundreds firms; for many of these firms we also act as their listings department. Every day our ten-person listing department updates listings processed by brokers, managers and landlords, reviews building websites and reviews faxes and email transmissions. In addition, OLR serves as a REBNY Listings Service provider. We receive and transmit, new and updated listings from the over 8,000 REBNY members each day to over 12,000 users of OLR. (REBNY Affiliation for your firm is completely optional)

The OLR Listings & Data Platform is by far the most used and requested Data Platform on the market today, a testament to this claim is our majority market share in New York, a feat which has taken over 14 years to develop.

As well as our database listings service, OLR has designed and currently powers over 150 web sites ranging from basic template designs to fully customized real estate sites. Our clients range from single-person brokerage firms to multi-location real estate organizations and landlords. Custom sites have been created for single buildings, new developments and multi-building portfolios. Digital services including digital photography, Email marketing blasts, floor plan re-drafting and more For more information please visit www.olrdigital.com and www.olr.com

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