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• WordPress powered platform
• Profit from your social network
• Full VOW integration
• Multiple design options
• Video and media ready

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OLR VOW (Virtual Office Website) for REBNY Member Agents

The OLR AGENT VOW (Virtual Office Website) offers an agent the opportunity to integrate a comprehensive shared listings database within a personalized WordPress platform.

Available in multiple designs, the OLR AGENT VOW is essentially a fully functional personally branded website with a VOW Plug-In Module. WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing software with a strong focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. When you license the OLR AGENT VOW we provide you with a WordPress website at no additional cost.

The OLR Agent VOW has been specifically designed for the New York City brokerage community. This modular platform allows the agent to engage his/her audience beyond the matter-a-fact agent pages typically seen on a company’s web site. It is a sure fire way for an individual agent to capture and retain customers.

The WordPress platform is a simple-to-use marketing vehicle which will allow you, the agent, to stand out among your peers. Why limit yourself to the confinements of an agent page on your company web site when you can brand yourself with a personalized web site built to target the real estate consumer. Share your expertise, your thoughts, your social network, your track record in a high profile medium that makes you the agent of choice.

A VOW allows members of the REBNY RLS (Residential Listing Service) to offer consumers an opportunity to search the entire database of active REBNY listings from a single source. Today, more than 20,000 exclusive listings are maintained by the RLS. This is the first time such a product is being offered to the public by the REBNY membership. There are more than 450 brokerage firms that currently participate in the RLS.

The OLR AGENT VOW is available as a licensed product based on a 12-month term. The platform offers data and content transmitted through the RLS, Building Data cultivated by the OLR research department as well as proprietary content entered and maintained by the end users.

The OLR AGENT VOW is not just listing information unique to the RLS. The OLR data and research department cultivates the information making it the most reliable source of listing and building data used by the community today. In addition to data, OLR augments the value of the VOW by providing the end user with an extensive library of building elevation photos and neighborhood media.

Sample Agent Vow Sites

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